Electrodeposited macroporous vanadium oxide Li-ion battery materials

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O'Hanlon, Sally
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University College Cork
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Enhanced battery materials are an important area of research due to the broad range of applications and the need for high capacity and high cycling stability batteries for enable the future electric vehicles and consumer electronics. This work reports on the electrodeposition of 3D macroporous vanadium oxide inverse opals and binary inverse opals on transparent conducting oxide substrates and stainless steel and thermally oxidized stainless-steel substrates. The electrodeposition follows a diffusion limited growth mode to form 3D porous crystalline V2O5 after removal of a colloid photonic crystal template of self-assembled polystyrene spheres. We show that at high charge and discharge rates, charge storage in macroporous electrode materials can be completely suppressed, and then entirely recovered at low rates. Using a model system of inverse opal V2O5 in a flooded Li-battery three-electrode cell electrodes we show how the IO material is modified under lithiation using X-ray diffraction, Raman scattering and electron microscopy. The data show that electrodes with nanoscale dimensions and macroscale porosity are fundamentally limited for high-rate performance if the intrinsic electronic conductivity is poor, even when fully soaked with electrolyte. We also show that conductive additive-impregnated polylactic acid electrodes formed by 3D printing can be coated with V2O5 by electrodeposition. The surface coating was analysed using Raman scattering spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray analysis and scanning electron microscopy, and details the relationship between diffusion-controlled electrodeposition parameters and the quality of the deposit on the 3D printed PLA electrode.
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Electrochemical energy storage , Porous metal oxides , Lithium ion battery materials , Vanadium oxide cathodes , 3D printed , Inverse opal structures , Electrodeposition
O'Hanlon, S. 2022. Electrodeposited macroporous vanadium oxide Li-ion battery materials. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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