Fast-recovery of the amplitude and phase of short optical pulses using a frequency-swept source based heterodyne measurement

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Korti, Mokhtar
Habruseva, Tatiana
Slepneva, Svetlana
Merghem, Kamel
Huyet, Guillaume
Gottesman, Yaneck
Ramdane, Abderrahim
Benkelfat, Badr-Eddine
Seddiki, Omar
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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We propose a very fast heterodyne technique to recover the amplitude and phase of short optical pulses generated, e.g., by a mode-locked laser. A linearly swept frequency source is used to scan the entire optical spectrum of the mode-locked laser in a single continuous sweep. The beat signal is recorded on a fast oscilloscope and then digitally processed allowing the simultaneous recovery of the amplitude and the phase. This measurement is fast (less than 2 μs) and requires no prior spectral information about the signal under test.
Heterodyne detection , Laser mode locking , Optical information processing , Optical pulse generation , Fast amplitude recovery , Fast phase recovery , Mode-locked laser , Beat signal , Single continuous sweep , Entire optical spectrum , Linearly swept frequency source , Heterodyne measurement , Frequency-swept source , Short optical pulses , Fast oscilloscope , Phase measurement , Optical mixing , Optical variables measurement , Time-frequency analysis , Measurement by laser beam , Optical recording , Optical polarization , Ultrafast measurements , Tunable laser
Korti, M., Habruseva, T., Slepneva, S., Merghem, K., Huyet, G., Gottesman, Y., Ramdane, A., Benkelfat, B.E. and Seddiki, O., 2018. Fast-Recovery of the Amplitude and Phase of Short Optical Pulses Using a Frequency-Swept Source Based Heterodyne Measurement. IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(3), (3200407). DOI:10.1109/JPHOT.2018.2842298