Forgotten Lord Mayor: Donal Óg O'Callaghan 1920-1924

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Quinlivan, Aodh
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Cork City Libraries
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A fascinating and significant study of Donal Óg O'Callaghan, this timely work reflects on a period of extraordinary tumult and change. Cork's third Republican Lord Mayor - elected following the murder and death by hunger strike of his two storied predecessors - he took on the role at enormous personal risk and in a city already deeply traumatised and about to be burned to the ground. As a Gael, a soldier, a patriot, a staunch Republican and devoted public servant, O'Callaghan helped lay the foundations on which Ireland was built. Aodh Quinlivan's account of O'Callaghan's political life offers fresh insight into the tensions in Cork in the early 1920s, while the War of Independence and the Civil War unfolded. Until now, Donal O'Callaghan has been largely forgotten and neglected, but this book will help to secure his place in the history of Cork and Ireland.
Eamon de Valera , Donal O'Callaghan , Lord Mayor , War of Independence , Civil War , Burning of Cork
Quinlivan, A. (2020) Forgotten Lord Mayor: Donal Óg O'Callaghan 1920-1924. Cork: Cork City Libraries.
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