Rice quality profiling to classify germplasm in breeding programs

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Ferreira, Ana Rita
Oliveira, Jorge C.
Pathania, Shivani
Almeida, Ana S.
Brites, Carla
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The objective of this work was to define a quality space for assessing rice varieties. Eleven long grain varieties, seven commercial and four new advanced lines were assessed to obtain complete quality profile considering appearance, physicochemical parameters, water absorption behaviour, pasting profile and textural attributes. Commercial varieties were chosen to provide the widest variation in properties, applying the variability analysis concepts of the Taguchi method, including Japonicas, Indicas, hybrids and aromatics. Quality parameters were measured in five different dimensions of quality space (totalling 50). Variable reduction techniques were applied to chose 3 parameters in each dimension (totalling 15 quality indicators) that would describe the whole space with greatest orthogonality, accuracy and yet explaining a significant proportion of the whole variance of data. The analysis of the quality space thus defined and similarities between varieties is illustrated with the conclusion of how the 4 new advanced lines perform in terms of quality behaviour, where it is concluded that one of them is very promising as an improvement over European (Indica) towards the behaviour of a pure Guyana (Indica), whereas 3 others have significant shortcomings in various aspects of the quality space compared to all others, albeit their greater closeness to Japonicas.
Rice , Quality profile , Multivariate analysis , Breeding
Ferreira, A. R., Oliveira, J., Pathania, S., Almeida, A. S. and Brites, C. (2017) 'Rice quality profiling to classify germplasm in breeding programs', Journal of Cereal Science, 76, pp. 17-27. doi:10.1016/j.jcs.2017.05.007