Psychosis: an exploration of intergenerational narratives and family processes

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Kelly, Caoimhe
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University College Cork
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Research highlights the important role that family narratives play in how an individual makes sense of themselves and the world around them. Family narratives can also impact how a person makes sense of their illness. Among individuals experiencing psychosis, families play an integral role in their recovery process. Therefore, it is important to understand the role that families play in a person’s self-narratives. To date, no research has reviewed the evidence that the role families play in an individual’s self-narrative pertaining to their diagnosis of psychosis. Research has also shown that intergenerational narratives, the stories shared between generations, within families, play a role in shaping a person’s sense of self. Families also play an important role in the treatment for individuals experiencing psychosis. Therefore, it is important to understand the narratives within these relationships. This thesis aimed to provide further understanding in these areas through two research papers: a systematic review and a research study. Through a qualitative design, the systematic review aimed to systematically synthesize the available evidence exploring the role of family in the self-narratives among individuals living with psychosis. Findings from this review highlight the important role of families in the self-narratives of people living with psychosis. This has important implications for clinical practice. The aim of the research study in this thesis was to qualitatively explore the inter-generational narratives within and between Irish families living with psychosis, from an experiential perspective through a multi-perspectival Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) approach. Findings highlighted the important role that intergenerational narratives have on how a person, and family units, understand and make sense of living with psychosis in Ireland. This has important implications for clinical practice and policy makers.
IPA , Psychosis , Narratives , Family member , Qualitative , Systematic review , Intergenerational , Interpretative phenomenological analysis , Multi-perspectival
Kelly, C. M. 2022. Psychosis: an exploration of intergenerational narratives and family processes. DClinPsych Thesis, University College Cork.
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