Hierarchical NiO-In2O3 microflower (3D)/ nanorod (1D) hetero-architecture as a supercapattery electrode with excellent cyclic stability

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Padmanathan, Narayanasamy
Shao, Han
McNuulty, David
O'Dwyer, Colm
Razeeb, Kafil M.
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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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Three-dimensional (3D) hybrid nanostructured electrodes based on one-dimensional (1D) nanorod arrays have recently attracted great attention owing to their synergistic effect of three-dimensional nanostructures and application in energy storage and conversion devices. Here, we designed a heterostructured supercapattery electrode from a combination of NiO and In2O3 with a hierarchical hybrid microstructure on nickel foam (NF). Simultaneous heterogeneous growth of 1D nanorod-supported 3D microflower structures on nickel foam enhanced the non-capacitive faradaic energy storage performance due to the synergistic contribution from hierarchical hybrid nanostructure. The heterostructured electrode exhibits a high specific capacity of 766.65 C g-1 at 5 A g-1 and remains as high as 285.12 C g-1 at 30 A g-1. The composite electrode shows an excellent rate performance as a sandwich type symmetric device, offering a high specific energy of 26.24 W h kg-1 at a high power of 1752.8 W kg-1. The device shows a long term cyclic stability with 79% retention after 50 000 cycles, which is remarkable for an oxide based pseudocapacitor. These results suggest that NiO-In2O3 with hybrid micro/nano architecture could be a promising electrode for next generation supercapatteries.
Energy storage , Nanorods , Nanostructures , Nickel , Energy storage and conversions , Heterogeneous growth , High specific capacity , Hybrid nanostructures , Nano-structured electrodes , One-dimensional (1D) nanorods , Three-dimensional nanostructures , Threedimensional (3-d) , Electrodes
Padmanathan, N., Shao, H., McNulty, D., O'Dwyer, C. and Razeeb, K. M. (2016) 'Hierarchical NiO-In2O3 microflower (3D)/ nanorod (1D) hetero-architecture as a supercapattery electrode with excellent cyclic stability', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4(13), pp. 4820-4830. doi: 10.1039/C5TA10407F
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