Narcissism: a factor behind the selective sharing of news online

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Sweeten, George J. D.
Jeske, Debora
Lin, Ruoyun
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BCS Learning and Development Ltd.
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The current study examined the extent to which narcissism influences the social network users’ intention to share positive and negative life events with (close or unknown) online contacts. Using an online survey, small vignettes and a cross-sectional convenience sample of 119 participants, the results showed that narcissism positively predicted sharing intention of positive and negative life events with strangers. However, individuals rating higher in narcissism were less likely to share negative news with family. The research findings suggest that personality traits such as narcissism, the type of contacts online, and the nature of the news may shape what information is shared by online users. The type of news presented may therefore be a function of who is posting the content, their personality, and the kind of social network contacts they have online.
Narcissism , Social network sites , Information sharing intention , Narcissism , News sharing.
Sweeten, G. J. D., Jeske, D. and Lin, R. (2017) 'Narcissism: a factor behind the selective sharing of news online', Proceedings of the 31st British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference, (HCI 2017), Sunderland, UK, 3 - 6 July, BCS Learning & Development Ltd., (6 pp). doi: 10.14236/ewic/HCI2017.74
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