Perpetual peace treaty as war: a study in permanent liminality

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Tesan, Jesenko
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University College Cork
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The importance of suspended transitions and institutionalised “permanent liminality” in shaping society and the sense of self-image in post-conflict settlements explain my interest in the “liminal authorities” that this PhD addresses. The present PhD, titled “Perpetual Peace Treaty as War: A Study in Permanent Liminality”, is the product of personally witnessing the collapse of the multinational socialist federation of Yugoslavia, the wars in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), notes that I took during the war, war archives and extensive academic achievements. The research presents the growing concerns surrounding the difficulties related to the institutionalisation of “permanent liminality” in the peace treaty and thus the Constitution, and the manner in which permanent liminality changes the nature of the historic “impulse” to the connection and diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) from a sociological perspective. In addition, this case study highlights liminal periods, which have witnessed a major transformation in the sense of fragmentary connection between people and the nature of self and identity. This thesis thus extends the ordinary use of liminality towards institutionalised permanence, and highlights the ways in which permanent liminality influences, develops and transforms the nature of the self and the society within which individuals live.
Perpetual Peace , Bosnia , Liminality
Tesan, J. 2018. Perpetual peace treaty as war: a study in permanent liminality. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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