Innovation co-creation in a virtual world

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O'Riordan, Niamh
Adam, Frédéric
O'Reilly, Philip
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Association for Information Systems (AIS)
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The emergence of web-based technologies has radically influenced the ways in which individuals around the world communicate, represent themselves, share ideas, and otherwise interact with one another (Ward and Sonneborn, 2009; Rogers, 2003). In particular, these technologies allow people to communicate directly with one another and to share and shape their own experiences; as a result, customers and other organisational stakeholders are increasingly involved in the design of products and services (Ramaswamy and Gouillart, 2010, p. 102). During innovation co-creation specifically, customers take an active and creative role in the intentional and successful adoption and application of ideas, processes, products or procedures that are new to the adopting organization. This study carries out six case studies of innovation co-creation in the virtual world of Second Life. Virtual worlds allow users to engage in highly active and participatory forms of co-creation that are difficult if not impossible to replicate in other environments. The study explores collaborative processes used for innovation co-creation in virtual worlds. In particular, the study presents an analysis of behaviours used to facilitate innovation co-creation in virtual world projects and the factors that affect it. The study leverages this analysis to derive practical recommendations for virtual world users and virtual world designers that can be used to stimulate and support innovation co-creation in virtual worlds.
Co-creation , Innovation co-creation , Virtual worlds , Business information systems
O'Riordan, N., Adam, F. and O'Reilly, P. (2012) 'Innovation co-creation in a virtual world ', ECIS 2012 Proceedings: 21st European Conference on Information Systems, Barcelona, Spain, 08-06 June, 191 (13 pp). Available online:
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