Influence of temperature on the quality factors of shredded carrots

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Torrieri, E.
Sousa-Gallagher, Maria J.
Masi, P.
Kerry, Joseph P.
Oliveira, F. A. R.
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Chiriotti Editori
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A mathematical model was developed in order to describe the effect of temperature on the degradation process of shredded carrots. Shredded carrots were stored in an air flux system in the range of temperature 0 degrees-20 degrees C. Storage time varied with temperature to observe the complete decay of pH and colour over time. The experimental data collected at 10 degrees C were used to validate the model. The evolution of the pH over time was reasonably well describes by a Weibull equation, while a first order equation described the colour change. The rate constants of both models varied with temperature according to an Arrhenius - type relationship with activation energy equal to 71 +/- 2 KJ/mol for the pH, and 89 +/- 5 KJ/mol for the colour.
Temperature , Degradation , Kinetics model , Shredded carrots
Torrieri, E; Sousa-Gallagher, M. J., Masi, P., Kerry, J. P. and Oliveira, F. A. R. (2003) 'Influence of temperature on the quality factors of shredded carrots', Italian Journal of Food Science, 15, pp. 336-348.