The methodology of Classic Grounded Theory: considerations on its application in nursing research

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Andrews, Tom
dos Santos Mariano, Grasielly Jeronimo
dos Santos, José Luis Guedes
Koerber-Timmons, Karen
da Silva, Fernanda Hannah
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Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil
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Objective: to discuss the role of supervisors and students using Classic Grounded Theory within the context of nursing research degrees such as a Masters, Ph.D. or Professional Doctorate. Method: it is a reflexive analysis, organized into three sections: 1) Overview of Classic Grounded Theory; 2) The role of supervisors; and 3) The role of students. Results: Grounded Theory is one of the most widely used qualitative research methodologies in nursing. However, in practice different approaches are used, leading to much confusion. Grounded Theory methodology as originated by Glaser and Strauss emphasises openness to what is happening in a substantive area and its procedures guide researchers in discovering the main concern of participants based on emergence rather than preconceptions. Conclusion: it encourages researcher autonomy and supervisors need to supervise in a way that maximises this, while being aware that Grounded Theory is best learned experientially. Students should trust that the methodology will enable them to develop a multivariate theory accounting for how participants resolve or process their main concern.
Qualitative research , Nursing research , Grounded Theory , Nursing methodology research , Data collection.
Andrews, T., dos Santos Mariano, G. J., dos Santos, J. L. G., Koerber-Timmons, K. and da Silva, F. H. (2017) 'The methodology of classic grounded theory: considerations on its application in nursing research', Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem, 26(4), e1560017(9pp). doi: 10.1590/0104-070720170001560017