Access to modified geiparvarins using Pd(0)-mediated C-C bond forming reactions

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Lynch, Denis
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University College Cork
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Geiparvarin is a natural product which contains both a 3(2H)-furanone and a coumarin moiety in its structure. The aim of this project was to investigate the use of Pd(0)-mediated C–C bondforming reactions to produce structurally modified geiparvarins. Chapter 1 consists of a review of the relevant literature, including that pertaining to the syntheses of selected naturally occurring 3(2H)-furanones. The known syntheses of geiparvarin and closely related analogues are examined, along with the documented biological activity of these compounds. The synthetic routes which allow access to 4-substituted-3(2H)-furanones are also described. Chapter 2 describes in detail the synthesis of a variety of novel structurally modified geiparvarins by two complementary routes, both approaches utilising Pd(0)-mediated crosscoupling reactions, and discusses the characterisation of these compounds. The preparation of 5-ethyl-3(2H)-furanones is described, as is their incorporation into geiparvarin and the corresponding 5″-alkylgeiparvarin analogues via formation and dehydration of intermediate alcohols. Halogenation of 5-ethyl-3(2H)-furanones and the corresponding geiparvarin derivatives is discussed, along with further reactions of the resulting halides. Preparation of 3″-arylgeiparvarins involving both Suzuki–Miyura and Stille reactions, using the appropriate intermediate iodides and bromides, is described. The application of Stille and Heck conditions to give 3″-ethenylgeiparvarin analogues and Sonogashira conditions to produce 3″-ethynylgeiparvarin analogues, using the relevant intermediate iodides, is also extensively outlined. Chapter 3 contains all of the experimental data and details of the synthetic methods employed for the compounds prepared during the course of this research. All novel compounds prepared were fully characterised using NMR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and elemental analysis; the details of which are included.
Organic chemistry
Lynch, D. J. 2014. Access to modified geiparvarins using Pd(0)-mediated C-C bond forming reactions. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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