Integrated CoPtP permanent magnets for MEMS electromagnetic energy harvesting applications

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Mallick, Dhiman
Roy, Saibal
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This work reports the development of integrated Co rich CoPtP hard magnetic material for MEMS applications such as Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting. We report a new method of electrodeposition compared to the conventional DC plating, involving a combination of forward and reverse pulses for optimized deposition of Co rich CoPtP hard magnetic material. This results in significant improvements in the microstructure of the developed films as the pulse reverse plated films are smooth, stress free and uniform. Such improvements in the structural properties are reflected in the hard magnetic properties of the material as well. The intrinsic coercivities of the pulse reverse deposited film are more than 6 times higher for both in-plane and out-of-plane measurement directions and the squareness of the hysteresis loops also improve due to the similar reasons.
Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting , MEMS , Integrated Co rich CoPtP , Electrodeposition
Mallick, D. and Roy, S. (2016) 'Integrated CoPtP permanent magnets for MEMS electromagnetic energy harvesting applications'. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 757, 012034 (5pp). doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/757/1/012034
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