Extended nonlinear analytical models of compliant parallelogram mechanisms: third-order models

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Hao, Guangbo
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Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
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This paper proposes extended nonlinear analytical models, third-order models, of compliant parallelogram mechanisms. These models are capable of capturing the accurate effects from the very large axial force within the transverse motion range of 10% of the beam length through incorporating the terms associated with the high-order (up to third-order) axial force. Firstly, the free-body diagram method is employed to derive the nonlinear analytical model for a basic compliant parallelogram mechanism based on load-displacement relations of a single beam, geometry compatibility conditions, and load-equilibrium conditions. The procedures for the forward solutions and inverse solutions are described. Nonlinear analytical models for guided compliant multi-beam parallelogram mechanisms are then obtained. A case study of the compound compliant parallelogram mechanism, composed of two basic compliant parallelogram mechanisms in symmetry, is further implemented. This work intends to estimate the internal axial force change, the transverse force change, and the transverse stiffness change with the transverse motion using the proposed third-order model in comparison with the first-order model proposed in the prior art. In addition, FEA (finite element analysis) results validate the accuracy of the third-order model for a typical example. It is shown that in the case study the slenderness ratio affects the result discrepancy between the third-order model and the first-order model significantly, and the third-order model can illustrate a non-monotonic transverse stiffness curve if the beam is thin enough.
Compliant mechanism , Parallelogram , Nonlinearity , Third-order model , Guided beam
Hao, G. (2015) 'Extended nonlinear analytical models of compliant parallelogram mechanisms: third-order models', Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, 39(1), pp. 71-83.
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