The reclamation of the Shannon Estuary inter‐tidal flats: a case study of the Clare Slobland Reclamation Company

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Hickey, Kieran R.
Healy, Michael
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Geographical Society of Ireland
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Extensive reclamation of the sloblands in the Shannon estuary have been undertaken over hundreds of years but particularly in the mid to late 1800s. There is extensive documentary evidence of the various reclamation schemes that were undertaken. The Clare Slobland Reclamation Company attempted to reclaim a very large section of the Fergus sub-estuary of the Shannon but ultimately failed, despite enormous expenditure. A smaller less ambitious reclamation in the same area was completed afterwards by the Fergus Reclamation Company. The financing, legislation, scale and chronology of the Clare Slobland Reclamation Scheme is outlined along with the difficulties it faced and the eventual causes of its failure are examined. In addition the entitlements of the company and their associated responsibilities are outlined and these show the extent of the powers they had to change and alter the landscape.
Shannon Estuary , Republic of Ireland , Reclamation , Inter-tidal flats , Economic activity
HICKEY, K. & HEALY, M. 2005. The reclamation of the Shannon Estuary inter‐tidal flats: A case study of the Clare Slobland Reclamation Company. Irish Geography, 38, 84-95.
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