A dynamic collapse concept for climate change

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Steel, Daniel
Belotti, Giulia
Mittiga, Ross
Mintz-Woo, Kian
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Despite growing interest in risks of societal collapse due to anthropogenic climate change, there exists no consensus about how collapse should be understood. In this article, we critically examine existing definitions and argue that none adequately address the challenges for conceptualizing collapse that climate change presents. We therefore propose an alternative conception, which regards collapse as a reduction of collective capacity resulting in a pervasive and difficult-to-reverse loss of basic functionality. Our conception is dynamic in that it focuses on the interrelations of constituent subsystems. It also distinguishes collapse from transformations needed to address climate change and provides insight into the relationship between collapse and sustainability.
Climate justice , Civilization collapse , Climate catastrophe , Climate collapse , Climate ethics , Collective capacity , Florida , Sustainability , State capacity , Small Island Developing States
Steel, D., Belotti, G., Mittiga, R. and Mintz-Woo, K. (2024) 'A dynamic collapse concept for climate change', Environmental Values. https://doi.org/10.1177/09632719241255857
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