Half-in, half-out: Roma and Non-Roma Romanians with limited rights working and travelling in the European Union

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MacQuarie, Julius-Cezar
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CPS, Central European University
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January 2007, was a turning point for Romania and certain changes have taken place during the six years since its integration in the European Union (EU). This working paper addresses some of the key issues in relation to the process of Europeanisation that have affected the patterns in the everyday lives of Roma and non-Roma community travelling to live and work in London in the past seven years. In the context of Romania‟s accession to the European Union, this paper shows that „being European‟ applies differently to citizens of old vs. new member states. The paper also analyses critically public perceptions, political and media class-based discourses practiced in old EU member states to show how these backlash against new EU member states‟ citizens, such as Romanian Roma and non-Roma. Findings reveal paradoxes – the utopian dream that all European citizens should have free-movement in the EU fades away in the face of everyday life of the Romanian citizens abroad. More so, this fundamental right has been denied to those who represent the concept of Europeaness, the Roma people. January 2014 however, starts a new phase for Romanian citizens, but their rights to free-movemnet are threatened in the uncertain future as new reforms of the EU Treaty are proposed to make the fundamental freedom of movement in Europe, less free.
Romania , Romanian Roma , London , Europeanisation , Mobility , Work , European Union (EU) accession , United Kingdom (UK). , Roma , Labor mobility , Employment
MacQuarie, J.-C. (2017) 'Half-in, half-out: Roma and Non-Roma Romanians with limited rights working and travelling in the European Union', INTEGRIM Online Papers, Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Available online: http://pdc.ceu.hu/archive/00007224/
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