Education and training for maritime spatial planners

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Calado, Helena
Fonseca, Catarina
Ansong, Joseph O.
Frias, Manuel
Vergílo, Marta
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The practice of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has developed substantially during the last decade, calling for more qualified professionals. Education, training, and growth capacity for MSP, however, are (still) some of the less addressed themes in MSP forums and specific learning materials, such as textbooks and practice manuals. Some teaching initiatives have nevertheless arisen at the postgraduate level for training new and specialised practitioners in the MSP field. A quick overview of such initiatives will help answer some questions concerning the path to follow for MSP education and training. This chapter presents an exploratory diagnosis based on a discussion of the basic skills needed to achieve successful professional practice. What skills are expected from a maritime spatial planner? Is a specific background required to become a maritime spatial planner? How should such professionals be trained? These questions are discussed using the visions and insights of consultants, maritime sectors, policymakers, scientists, and teachers of MSP, with experience in countries where MSP processes are already in place.
Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) , Maritime Spatial Planning training , Maritime spatial planner , Marine protected areas
Calado, H., Fonseca, C., Ansong, J. O., Frias, M. and Vergílio, M. (2019) 'Education and Training for Maritime Spatial Planners', in Zaucha, J. & Gee, K. (eds.) Maritime Spatial Planning: past, present, future, Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 441-468. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-98696-8_19