A drifter-based self-powered piezoelectric sensor for ocean wave measurements

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Kargar, Seyyed Masoud
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University College Cork
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In the present research, a drifter-based piezoelectric sensor is proposed to measure ocean waves’ height and period. To analyze the motion principle and the working performance of the proposed drifter-based piezoelectric sensor, a dynamic model is developed. The developed dynamic model investigates the system’s response to an input of ocean waves and provides design insights into the geometrical and material parameters. Next, finite element analysis (FEA) simulations using the commercial software COMSOL-Multiphysics have been carried out with the help of a coupled physics analysis of Solid Mechanics and Electrostatics Modules to achieve the output voltages. An experimental prototype has been fabricated and tested to validate the results of the dynamic model and the FEA simulation. A slider-crank mechanism is used to mimic ocean waves throughout the experiment, and the results show a close match between the proposed dynamic modeling, FEA simulations, and experimental testing. In the end, a short discussion is devoted to interpreting the output results; comparing the results of the simulations and the experimental testing; the sensor’s resolution; and the self-powering functionality of the proposed drifter-based piezoelectric sensor.
Piezoelectric , Sensor , Ocean , Sea , Wave , Measurement , Drifter , Energy , Harvester
Kargar, S. M. 2022. A drifter-based self-powered piezoelectric sensor for ocean wave measurements. MRes Thesis, University College Cork.
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