Audit of antenatal clinic for high-risk obstetric patients; activity and outcomes

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Allen, C.
Greene, Richard A.
Higgins, John R.
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Irish Medical Organization
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A specialised clinic for the antenatal care of high-risk patients was established in Cork in January 2004. It is led by 2 specialists in materno-fetal medicine and provides care for patients from a large catchment area. Small clinic numbers, specialised midwives, ready access to medical experts and fetal assessment facilities, facilitate an efficient use of resources. We report on the experience and outcomes of this clinic after the first year in operation. A database was set up to store relevant information on patients who attended the clinic in 2004. 143 patients attended. Risk categories included maternal medical disease (62%); multiple pregnancy (11%); previous poor obstetric history (10%); fetal anomaly (8%). Average gestation; 35.9 weeks, average birth weight; 2598g. Caesarean section rate; 41%. Perinatal mortality rate 67 per 1000 (uncorrected); and 20% neonates required NICU care. This approach to highrisk obstetric care resulted in favourable outcomes. The management strategy applied in Cork may be a suitable prototype for comparable areas throughout Ireland.
High-risk obstetric patients , Antenatal care , Perinatal mortality rate , Maternal medical conditions , Preconceptual folic acid
Allen C, Greene RA, Higgins JR. (2007) 'Audit of Antenatal Clinic for High-Risk Obstetric Patients; Activity and Outcomes'. Irish Medical Journal, 100(9) :591-593.
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