Loxodromes in open multisection lasers

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O'Connor, Christopher P. J.
Wieczorek, Sebastian
Amann, Andreas
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We introduce a formalism to efficiently calculate lasing modes and optical power flow in multisection lasers with open boundaries. The formalism is underpinned by a projection of the complex-valued electric field and its spatial derivative onto a suitably extended complex Z plane to reduce the order of the problem and simplify analysis. In a single-section laser, we show that a laser mode is a loxodrome on the extended complex Z plane. In a multisection laser, we obtain loxodromes for individual sections of the laser. Then, a multisection mode is constructed by continuously concatenating individual loxodromes from each section using the open boundary conditions. A natural visualization of this construction is given by stereographic projection of the extended complex Z plane onto the Riemann sphere. Our formalism simplifies the analysis of lasing modes in open multisection lasers and provides insight into the mode geometry and degeneracy.
Multisection lasers , Open boundaries , Loxodrome
O'Connor, C. P. J., Wieczorek, S. and Amann, A. (2023) 'Loxodromes in open multisection lasers', Physical Review A, 107(5), 053520 (12pp). doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.107.053520
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