Synthesis of novel cycloperoxides

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Hennessy, Mary C.
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University College Cork
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Cycloperoxides represent an important class of compounds for synthetic chemists. Their asymmetric synthesis will be the focus of this thesis, specifically using organocatalysis. Chapter 1 contains a review of organocatalysed peroxidations from the literature and within the research group to date. The key aims and objectives of this project are also outlined. Chapter 2 describes the generation of a diverse library of trans-γ,δ-unsaturated β-keto esters. The preparation of these compounds involves both Wittig chemistry and Lewis acid-catalysed C-H insertion strategies. The synthesis of a cis-γ,δ-unsaturated β-keto ester and a non-enolisable α,α-disubstituted β-keto ester are also outlined. The optimisation of the organocatalysed peroxidation of γ,δ-unsaturated β-keto esters in terms of enantioselectivity and yields is described in Chapter 3. To determine the enantioselectivity of the peroxidation reaction, a robust chiral HPLC methodology is required. The development of a suitable separation methodology is outlined in this chapter. Chapter 4 describes a novel synthetic route to 3,5-substituted 1,2-dioxolane ethyl esters through the chemoselective reduction of a δ-peroxy-β-keto ester to the corresponding δ-peroxy-β-hydroxy ester, and subsequent phosphorus pentoxide-mediated cyclisation. Chapter 5 outlines our preparation of several novel 1,2-dioxolane carboxylic acids and various attempts at subsequently introducing an N-acyl sulfonamide to the 1,2-dioxolane core. Chapter 6 details the main conclusions of this work and proposes several avenues of research to investigate in future. Chapter 7 contains all relevant experimental procedures, including spectroscopic and analytical data.
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Cycloperoxides , Peroxidation , 1,2-Dioxolane , Cyclisation , γ,δ-unsaturated β-keto esters , Asymmetric synthesis , Organocatalysis
Hennessy, M. C. 2023. Synthesis of novel cycloperoxides. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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