Smart photonics in imaging and sensing

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Amin, M. Junaid
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University College Cork
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In this dissertation, proposed and demonstrated are several smart imaging and sensing techniques for real-world photonic applications. First, the design of an embedded systems based laser beam imager and spectrum analyser deploying a Digital Micromirror Device is described and demonstrated. The performance of the proposed laser beam imager is experimentally compared versus a commercial industrially deployed profiler, for a custom-made donut shaped 633 nm laser beam. Experimental results indicate a 68 % detection of the central null using the proposed system, versus 24 % obtained using the commercial profiler. Next, various sensing and writing application designs is based on an Electronically Controlled Variable Focus Lens (ECVFL) which allows the highest possible transverse resolution of the laser beam sampling tip for all target distances. A novel multi-image acquisition based distance sensing technique is proposed and demonstrated which overcomes the Rayleigh criteria limited axial resolution restriction of prior-art ECVFL based sensors. An active Depth from Defocus (DFD) system is proposed next, which uses coherent conditioned illumination to provide a sharpness retaining projection pattern over multiple target planes to aid the DFD computation procedure. Furthermore, the camera of the proposed DFD system, which acquires images having varying degree of defocus, involves use of an ECVFL to form a no moving parts camera design. An eye vision testing system is also presented and demonstrated for myopic refractive error vision corrections from zero to -5 Diopters. In addition, a novel eyewear design is also proposed which uses aperture control for vision correction. Sensor applications are discussed next, including design of an agile wavelength multiplexed optical interferometry scanning sensor for extreme environment sensing applications. A barcode imaging system, based on a laser line and smart optics, is proposed which allows an extended working range of barcode detection versus conventional systems.
Optics , Lasers , Imaging
Amin, M.J. 2016. Smart photonics in imaging and sensing. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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