Spaces places and young people: exploring the youth voices of Fairhill

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Groarke, Jayne
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This research was a community-based participatory project involving University College Cork, Community Active Research Links Project (CARL), Fairhill Community Association, Cork City Council and Cork City Partnership. The community partners requested research to be conducted with young people in Fairhill to identify their needs, to determine whether a youth facility was needed and if so, what young people felt it should offer. Six participants (residing in a highly populated, disadvantaged urban area of Cork city and between the ages 12-18) were recruited from a number of youth services in and around Fairhill. The participants took the researcher on a tour around the area while the researcher simultaneously conducted a semi-structured interview (walking-interviews). The young person chose the route and what places they wanted to visit. The data gathered was thematically analysed. This research highlights the importance of youth participation. The findings indicate that there is a need for a youth facility in Fairhill as well as further community development and young people’s involvement in community decision-making.
Fairhill , Disadvantaged urban area , Cork city , Youth services , Community development , Community decision-making , Young people’s involvement
Groarke, J. (2019) Spaces places and young people: exploring the youth voices of Fairhill. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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