BALTIC+ Theme 3 Baltic+ SEAL (Sea Level) Product Handbook

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Passaro, Marcello
Müller, F.
Dettmering, D.
Abulaitjiang, A.
Rautiainen, L.
Scarrott, Rory
Chalençon, E.
Sweeney, M.
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European Space Agency
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This handbook is designed to support both novice and more advanced users. It is a reference guide for users of the ESA Baltic SEAL suite of products. It provides fundamental information on the theory underpinning the products, and the technical specifications of the data you can access. It also provides links to the more in-depth literature and information on the theory and technical aspects of the product you are using. Newcomers to satellite altimetry data can find basic information on altimetry, and how to interpret and understand the data files you have obtained. There are also helpful basic codes to display and explore your newly acquired data. For more expert users, the overview information is presented here, with more technical, and in-depth information available in the referenced literature.
Baltic Sea , Coastal Altimetry , Sea Surface Height (SSH)
Passaro, M., Müller, F., Dettmering, D., Abulaitjiang, A., Rautiainen, L., Scarrott, R.G., Chalençon, E. and Sweeney, M. (2021) BALTIC+ Theme 3 Baltic+ SEAL (Sea Level) Product Handbook. European Space Agency. doi: 10.5270/esa.BalticSEAL.PH1.1