Current and alternate approaches to personalization in online learning

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Jeske, Debora
Bagher, Mammed
Pantidi, Nadia
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Association for Computing Machinery
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In the context of distance (online) learning programs, the current paper focuses on two specific goals. First, we outline how personalization based on learning analytics has been implemented in online programs offered by traditional universities, but also providers of MOOCs and virtual institutions. However, this established approach is not without its limitations. Second, we introduce two alternate concepts that may support personalization based on work around readability indices and job crafting. These approaches may also help to address some of the limitations of learning analytics. The emphasis is on how personalization may support the development of individual learning paths that would provide means for both self-pacing and co-construction of the experience. The paper concludes with a review of facilitating and challenging factors for program leaders, online technical staff and designers working in open educational contexts.
Personalization , Learning analytics , Job crafting , Self-pacing , Co-construction , Readability indices
Jeske, D., Bagher, M. and Pantidi, N. (2017) ‘Current and alternate approaches to personalization in online learning’, Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Open Collaboration. Galway, Ireland, 23-25 August. doi:10.1145/3125433.3125449
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