A comparison between off and on-chip injection locking in a photonic integrated circuit

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Perrott, Alison H.
Caro, Ludovic
Dernaika, Mohamad
Peters, Frank H.
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The mutual and injection locking characteristics of two integrated lasers are compared, both on and off-chip. In this study, two integrated single facet slotted Fabry–Pérot lasers are utilised to develop the measurement technique used to examine the different operational regimes arising from optically locking a semiconductor diode laser. The technique employed used an optical spectrum analyser (OSA), an electrical spectrum analyser (ESA) and a high speed oscilloscope (HSO). The wavelengths of the lasers are measured on the OSA and the selected optical mode for locking is identified. The region of injection locking and various other regions of dynamical behaviour between the lasers are observed on the ESA. The time trace information of the system is obtained from the HSO and performing the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of the time traces returns the power spectra. Using these tools, the similarities and differences between off-chip injection locking with an isolator, and on-chip mutual locking are examined.
Semiconductor lasers , Photonic integrated circuits , Injection locking , Mutual coupling
Perrott, A. H., Caro, L., Dernaika, M. and Peters, F. H. (2019) 'A Comparison between off and On-Chip Injection Locking in a Photonic Integrated Circuit', Photonics, 6(4), 103. (14pp.) DOI: 10.3390/photonics6040103
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