Controllable magnetic systems for minimally invasive surgery

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Desmond, Philip
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University College Cork
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This thesis covers the design and development of a controllable electromagnetic compression medical device that addresses the need for control of magnetic attraction in the clinical setting. This work outlines the design of a magnetic medical device to be used for anchoring or compression, namely by shaping the attraction profile between two coupled magnets. The designed device, which consists of both electromagnetic and permanent magnetic components, may be used for colorectal anastomosis. The thesis includes a review of the existing devices and methods used for colorectal anastomosis. The different methods for which the magnetic strength of a device can be varied are investigated along with how these methods have been previously incorporated into different device designs. A review of the different methods of analysing magnetic systems is also included. These reviews facilitate the choice of a suitable technology for this new design and guide certain device constraints. The advantages of controllability of magnetic attraction and compression are introduced. The incremental simulation-based design stages of the device are presented. Modifications to the starting electromagnet device design are investigated to better achieve safer magnetic behaviour. Additional control states of the device are analysed for how they might ease the installation and removal of the device. A prototype was developed and produced making use of off-the-shelf magnets to be used mainly as a proof of concept. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities and equipment necessary for experimental testing were inaccessible during crucial stages of the project leading to an absence of some experimental results. However, more extensive simulations were used to develop new prototype designs capable of achieving safer and stronger compression forces using custom magnet designs. Finally, the regulatory landscape for medical devices in key markets is examined and the pathway to market for the proposed devised is laid out.
Electromagnetism , Medical device design , Magnetic systems , Medical device regulation
Desmond, P. 2020. Controllable magnetic systems for minimally invasive surgery. MRes Thesis, University College Cork.