Project scoping for lessons learnt to apply to the Celtic Seas marine sub-region

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Twomey, Sarah
O'Mahony, Cathal
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This report involves a formal scoping exercise to identify lessons from a wide range of previous and current project and initiative experiences at the national, regional seas, European and global levels. An inventory of 77 projects and initiatives that are relevant with regard to the key activities proposed by the Celtic Seas Partnership has been compiled, as well as a short-list of 23 of the most pertinent projects, lessons learnt and contact names. This report has identified a number of synergies and collaborative opportunities from other project and initiatives in the Celtic Seas and beyond. It provides a strong starting point to clarify to stakeholders the uniqueness of the Celtic Seas Partnership project and delivers a sound baseline for the other preparatory actions (A2 Stakeholder Mapping and A3 Baseline Analysis for Marine Strategy Framework Directive Implementation) and the implementation actions. Furthermore, this report helps to avoid duplication of effort during the life-span of the project by highlighting what information pertaining to the Celtic Seas MSFD sub-region already exists.
Marine Strategy Framework Directive , Marine management , Celtic seas
Twomey, S. and O'Mahony, C. (2013) Project scoping for lessons learnt to apply to the Celtic Seas marine sub-region, Cardiff: Celtic Seas Partnership/WWF-UK.
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