Meeting at the Crossroads - an academic report from the Next Generation Learning Space Seminar

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Kaucz, Błażej
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On the 11th October 2017, a Next Generation Learning Space (NGLS) Seminar organised by Mr Tom O'Mara and the Instructional Design team was held in the Creative Zone, Boole Library, University College Cork (UCC). The Seminar was a follow up to a successful event initially held in October 2016. Also, NGLS was associated with an open call for the establishment or redesign of pilot learning spaces at UCC. The seminar was a continuation of ongoing formal and informal discussions happening across UCC for some time. That campus-wide conversation revolved around an influence of space on learning and more generally on pedagogy. It was an opportunity for all of those involved in the discussion for an interdisciplinary meeting. Also, it can be treated as reconvening of an academic dialogue around the importance of the physical presence of teaching and learning spaces in general and at UCC specifically
Teaching and learning spaces , Knowledge acquisition , Creative learning library
Kaucz, B. (2018) Meeting at the Crossroads - An Academic Report from the Next Generation Learning Space Seminar.