Circular design project. Educating the design community in sustainable design

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Segalas, J.
de Eyto, A.
McMahon, M.
Bakirlioglu, Y.
Tejedor, G.
Lazzarini, B.
Celik, S.
Jimenez, A.
Martens, J.
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University College Cork
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Design has a key role to play in developing innovative solutions to current challenges – approaches that must consider the needs of end users and integrate sustainability criteria in processes and strategies for creating products and services. The Circular Design Project ( is a European project funded by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance within the social business and the educational innovation field. The goal of this Circular Design project is to promote sustainable production and consumption of products and services in Europe. The project have four objectives: to increase and improve the learning strategies of Design for Sustainability, identifying opportunities for sustainably designed products and services as well as business opportunities in both higher education institutions and industries in Europe; To gather and cluster open educational resources and training courses for industry staff and academics in Innovative Design for Sustainability; To train up innovative and entrepreneurial designers who are capable of dealing with a transition towards Design for Sustainability as a mainstream design approach, as well as to promote cooperation and mobility with the EU’s partner countries; and to establish a basis for a permanent and active European Network of Design for Sustainability. This was achieved through a knowledge co-creation process and the development and pilot training materials in order to teach and train students, faculty and enterprise staff of the design sector. The project formed by 12 partners is organised around four country hubs in Ireland, The Netherlands, Catalonia and Sweden. Each country Hub consists of one university with education and research in Sustainable Design, one Design company with expertise in sustainable Design and one national design association.
Circular economy , Circular Design project , Engineering education , Sustainability , Sustainable design
Segalas, J., de Eyto, A. McMahon, M., Bakirlioglu, Y., Tejedor, G., Lazzarini, B., Celik, S., Jimenez, A. and Martens, J. (2021) ‘Circular design project. educating the design community in sustainable design’, EESD2021: Proceedings of the 10th Engineering Education for Sustainable Development Conference, 'Building Flourishing Communities', University College Cork, Ireland, 14-16 June.