The examination of a business model framework within the e-learning Industry

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Nagle, Tadhg
Golden, William
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The debate on the usefulness of business models to the IT/IS and strategy domains is fraught with confusion and contradictory views. However, recent research has indicated a convergence of ideas and a solid role for the business model concept within industry and the research community. Based within the maturing e-Learning industry, this paper empirically investigates the applicability of the business model concept as defined by Osterwalder et al. (2005). Firstly, the paucity of research within the area of business models and e-Learning is examined along with the convergence of business model research. Using a field study of four e-Learning organisations the value of the business model concept is empirically investigated as well as exploring the business models of the organisations themselves. Using the framework set out by Osterwalder et al. (2005) this study indicates that the business model is a solid tool for communicating the business execution plan of an organisation. However, when examining a specific industry, amendments to the framework are needed to fully describe the nuances of the organisations within that industry.
Business model framework , e-Learning industry , Field study , Information systems
Nagle T. and Golden W. (2007) 'The Examination of a Business Model Framework within the E-Learning Industry', ECIS 2007: 15th European Conference of Information Systems St. Gallen, Switzerland, 7-9 June, ECIS 2007 Proceedings. 29, pp. 239-250.
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