4x25 Gbps polarization diversity silicon photonics receiver with transfer printed III-V photodiodes

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Muliuk, Grigorij
Van Gasse, Kasper
Van Kerrebrouck, Joris
Trindade, Antonio José
Corbett, Brian M.
Van Thourhout, Dries
Roelkens, Günther
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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We demonstrate the transfer-printing-based integration of III-V substrate-illuminated p-i-n photodetectors onto a 4-wavelength-channel silicon photonics polarization diversity receiver circuit. 4x25 Gbps operation is demonstrated for 2.5 nm wavelength channel spacing in the C-band. Transfer printing is an enabling technology for massively parallel heterogeneous III-V-on-Si integration.
Receivers , Printing , Photonics , Silicon , Photodiodes , Optical waveguides , III-V semiconductor materials , Heterogeneous integration , Transfer printing , Wavelength division multiplexing receiver
Muliuk, G., Van Gasse, K., Van Kerrebrouck, J., Trindade, A. J., Corbett, B., Van Thourhout, D. and Roelkens, G. (2018) '4x25 Gbps polarization diversity silicon photonics receiver with transfer printed III-V photodiodes', IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. doi:10.1109/LPT.2018.2889901
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