Interview: Juliette Larthe

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Larthe, Juliette
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Film and Screen Media, University College Cork
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Juliette Larthe cofounded Prettybird in London with Kerstin Emhoff and Paul Hunter. As an executive producer she brought a multidisciplinary working manifesto and culture to the start-up. Larthe works as a producer and executive across not just screen advertising but feature films, multimedia brand content, immersive, experiential art works, music content, short- and long-form content, live installations and fashion shows. Juliette’s work has earned her numerous awards across the globe, including Grammys, British Arrows, UKMVAs, MTV, Clios, Cannes Lions, Kinsale Sharks and D&AD awards. Juliette campaigns for equality and diversity in the creative industries, supporting mentorships with ELAM, Creative Equals and also works with the charity End Youth Homelessness. She has been Head of the Jury, Jury President or Jury Member for the British Arrows, UKMVAs, Kinsale Sharks, D&AD and Ciclope. Prettybird’s London roster includes directors Ashley Armitage, Tom Beard, Bradley & Pablo, Jason Bock, Margo Bowman, Calmatic, Daniels, Jora Frantzis, Nisha Ganatra, Isabel Garrett, Rami Hachache, Paul Hunter, Jodeb, Eloise King, Jess Kohl, Matt Lambert, Salomen Ligthelm, Tom Noakes, Max Malkin, Melina Matsoukas, Rafaela Carvalho, Sophie Muller, Matt Piedmont, Ian Schwartz, Tim & Eric, Joseph Wilson, Vellas and Yousef.
Screen advertising , British television commercials , Music videos , Women directors , Screen industries
Larthe, J. (2023) 'Interview: Juliette Larthe', Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, 25, pp. 115-122.