Dairy-Met: compositional metagenomic analysis of milk and cheeses

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Quigley, Lisa
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University College Cork
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Unpasteurised milk and many cheeses contain a diverse microbiological population. These microorganisms play important roles in dairy foods and can, for example, contribute to the development of flavours and aromas, determine safety, cause spoilage or enhance the health of the consumer. It is thus important to understand thoroughly the microorganisms present in these food types. Traditional culture dependent and culture-independent methods have provided much detail regarding the microbial content of dairy foods. However, the development of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies has revolutionised our knowledge of complex microbial environments. Throughout this thesis we observe the benefits of applying these technologies to provide a detailed understanding of the bacterial content of dairy foods, including those present in milk pre- and post-pasteurisation, Irish farmhouse cheeses and commercially produced cheeses which encounter a discolouration defect, as well as to study genomic changes in microbes associated with dairy foods. Through the application of these state-of-the-art technologies we identified the presence of microorganisms not previously associated with dairy foods.
Dairy , Milk , Cheese , DNA sequencing
Quigley, L. 2013. Dairy-Met: Compositional metagenomic analysis of milk and cheeses. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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