Integrating industry into Business School education

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Mahony, Carolanne
Pope, Andrew
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University College Cork
National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
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There is pressure on Business Schools to offer value to multiple stakeholders, including students, employers and society. To this end, Business Schools need to undertake and combine three key activities: 1) research, 2) teaching theory, and 3) experiential learning (Hubbard, 2019). Creating links between academia and industry is one method to facilitate this process (Hardaway, Harryvan, Wang, & Goodson, 2016). Though the benefits of academic/industry collaboration are well accepted, operationalising such partnerships can be problematic. This research seeks to establish guidelines and best practice to enhance the likelihood of success. As part of the MSc in Design and Development of Digital Business, a mix of industry and community representatives were invited to engage with students. This presentation will discuss how external stakeholders were integrated into the master’s program. Our main discussion will be focused on the insights we gained from using outside stakeholders to help provide information systems students with experiential learning.
Academia , Industry , Academic/industry collaboration , Guidelines , Best practice , Experiential learning
Mahony, C. and Pope, A. (2019) 'Integrating industry into Business School education', Learning Connections 2019: Spaces, People, Practice, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, 5-6 December, pp. 52-57. doi: 10.33178/LC.2019.12
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