Non-formal drama training for in-service language teachers

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Beaven, Ana
Alvarez, Inma
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Department of German, University College Cork
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Research on the connections between drama and language learning is not new, and interest in the potential collaboration between these fields has increased in the last four decades. However, studies have mostly focused on students’ experiences and the type of drama activities that could be incorporated in their language class, neglecting key aspects of the specific skills language teachers might need and how these could be developed. Most language teachers have no training in drama, and often the inclusion of drama activities in the language classroom is dependent on the specific interest and experience of the individual teacher, rather than an expected component of the foreign language training programme. This paper will be reporting on an experimental approach to training in-service language teachers through drama for professional and personal development. As part of a Grundtvig Lifelong Learning European project entitled “Performing languages”, experienced language teachers at Higher Education were invited to engage in a series of non-formal activities, including visits to three European countries where they engaged in drama workshops for local amateur groups, reflective methods, and open educational practices.
Beaven, A. and Alvarez, I. (2014) 'Non-formal drama training for in-service language teachers', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, VIII(1), pp. 5-18.