Climate competence: Youth climate activism and its impact on international human rights law

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Daly, Aoife
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Oxford University Press
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Those who are under-18 are not often associated with the exercise of political rights. It is argued in this article however that youth-led climate activism is highlighting the extensive potential that children and young people have for political activism. Moreover, youth activists have come to be seen by many as uniquely competent on climate change. Youth activists have moved from the streets to the courts, utilising national and international human rights law mechanisms to further their cause. They are not the first to do so, and the extent of their impact is as yet unclear. Nevertheless, it is argued here that through applications such as Saachi (an application to the Committee on the Rights of the Child) and Duarte Agostinho (an application to the ECtHR) they are shifting the human-centric, highly procedural arena of international human rights law towards an approach which better encompasses person-environment connections.
Children and youth activism , Climate , Saachi , UN Convention on the Rights of the Child , Duarte Agostinho , European Convention on Human Rights
Daly, A. (2022) 'Climate competence: Youth climate activism and its impact on international human rights law', Human Rights Law Review, 22(2), ngac011 (24pp). doi: 10.1093/hrlr/ngac011
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