On-off intermittency in an optically injected semiconductor laser

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Osborne, Simon
Amann, Andreas
Bitauld, David
O'Brien, Stephen
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We report on the observation of on-off intermittency in an optically injected dual-mode semiconductor laser. It is shown that quasi-single-mode chaotic dynamics of the injected mode are accompanied by intermittent and irregular bursts of the intensity of the uninjected mode. We define a threshold intensity of the uninjected mode to distinguish laminar and bursting states of the system. For small values of the threshold parameter we observe excellent agreement with the predictions of theory for the distribution of the laminar phase durations. For larger values of the threshold parameter, a gap appears in the distribution of laminar phase durations. Numerical simulations demonstrate that this gap is a consequence of the fact that in this case the on states of the system define large intensity spikes, which can belong either to the same or to distinct bursts away from the single-mode manifold.
Instabilities , Bifurcations , Chaos
Osborne, S., Amann, A., Bitauld, D. and O'Brien, S. (2012) 'On-off intermittency in an optically injected semiconductor laser', Physical Review E, 85(5), 056204 (6pp). doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.85.056204
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