Space charge limited current mechanism in Bi2S3 nanowires

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Kunakova, Gunta
Viter, R.
Abay, S.
Biswas, Subhajit
Holmes, Justin D.
Bauch, T.
Lombardi, F.
Erts, Donats
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We report on the charge transport properties of individual Bi2S3 nanowires grown within the pores of anodized aluminum oxide templates. The mean pore diameter was 80 nm. Space charge limited current is the dominating conduction mechanism at temperatures below 160 K. Characteristic parameters of nanowires, such as trap concentration and trap characteristic energy, were estimated from current–voltage characteristics at several temperatures.
Bi2S3 nanowires , Memristor , Arrays , Crystals , Electrical conductivity , Semiconductor materials , Nanowires , Porosity , Space charge , Bismuth compounds
Kunakova, G.; Viter, R.; Abay, S.; Biswas, S.; Holmes, J. D.; Bauch, T. Lombardi, F.; Erts, D. (2016) 'Space charge limited current mechanism in Bi2S3 nanowires'. Journal of Applied Physics, 119 :114308-1-114308-5.
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