Harnessing emerging technologies for scalable, global, ethical and equitable education for sustainability

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Nyhan, Marguerite M.
Marshall, Kevin
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United Nations
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New and emerging technologies offer significant potential for rapidly accelerating the delivery of education for sustainability that is scalable, global, inclusive, ethical and equitable. Driven by the emergence of the digital revolution, information and communications technologies (ICTs) and internet connectivity, technologies including e-learning platforms, virtual learning environments and artificial intelligence (AI) will play a crucial role in advancing innovation in sustainability education and driving progress towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Strong multi-stakeholder partnerships that foster solidarity and cooperation between governments, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, technology companies, educational institutions and civil society are urgently needed in order to effectively deliver on the technology infrastructure, services and capabilities required for sustainable development education. True to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and the promise to “Leave No One Behind”, education should be accessible to all. By taking an ethical, just and human rights-based approach to narrowing the digital divide, digital infrastructure and technologies can help to broaden access to education for sustainable development globally.
Education for sustainability , New and emerging technologies , United Nations Sustainable Development Goals , e-learning platforms , Virtual learning environments , Artificial intelligence (AI)
Nyhan, M. M. and Marshall, K. (2023) 'Harnessing emerging technologies for scalable, global, ethical and equitable education for sustainability'. New York: United Nations Interagency Task Team on Science, Technology & Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals'.
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