Mainstream ELT and Steiner Education: Exclusivity or complementarity?

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Maley, Alan
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Department of German, University College Cork
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The article discusses MELT (Mainstream English Language Teaching) in relation to the author’s perception of Waldorf education. It first attempts a definition of performance. It goes on to describe the recent history of MELT with particular regard to performative and creative elements. It then considers those teacher qualities needed for successful in-depth learning and relates this to performance. The major differences between Steiner and MELT are then set out, in particular the encroachment of regulation on MELT. It argues that, while MELT may be imperfect in many ways, not least in the current preference for control, it has nonetheless produced a rich variety of creative work much of which is compatible with Waldorf philosophy and practice. Waldorf likewise has much to offer MELT in helping to restore physical, emotional and spiritual aspects which it currently neglects. It suggests there would be mutual benefit in a better knowledge and understanding between MELT and Waldorf systems.
Mainstream English language teaching , History , Compatibility , Creativity
Maley, A. (2022) 'Mainstream ELT and Steiner Education: Exclusivity or complementarity?', Scenario: A Journal for Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, 16(1), pp. 89-104.