Mapping Irish frameworks for non-discrimination of Irish Travellers

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Morgan-Williams, Samantha
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Traveller Equality and Justice Project
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The Irish Traveller Community face proliferating levels of exclusion from the most basic of services and experience widespread discrimination and racism in their daily lives. Provision of legal services, representation and legal information access more generally are no exception as Travellers report substantial challenges in finding adequate legal representation and in understanding their rights as a minority ethnic group.1 A core undertaking of the Traveller Equality and Justice Project is awareness-raising and rights-based education, designed to inform and support Travellers in defending and understanding the rights which they have under both domestic and international law. The aim of this report is to provide an overview of domestic legislation and further raise awareness of relevant international instruments, particularly EU frameworks on non-discrimination and equality. It is hoped that in doing so, the report can become a tool for use by Travellers and Traveller Community Groups providing guidance as to the manner in which human rights frameworks operate while promoting these as advocacy tools to challenge the social-exclusion and pervasive discrimination Travellers experience within Irish society.
Ireland , Travellers , Exclusion , Services , Legal representation
Morgan-Williams, S. (2021) Mapping Irish frameworks for non-discrimination of Irish Travellers. Cork: Traveller Equality and Justice Project.
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