Design of 3-legged XYZ compliant parallel manipulators with minimised parasitic rotations

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Hao, Guangbo
Li, Haiyang
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Cambridge University Press
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This paper deals with the design of 3-legged distributed-compliance XYZ compliant parallel manipulators (CPMs) with minimised parasitic rotations, based on the kinematically decoupled 3-PPPRR (P: prismatic joint, and R: revolute joint) and 3-PPPR translational parallel mechanisms (TPMs). The designs are firstly proposed using the kinematic substitution approach, with the help of the stiffness center (SC) overlapping based approach. This is done by an appropriate embedded arrangement so that all of the SCs associated with the passive compliant modules overlap at the point where all of the input forces applied at the input stages intersect. Kinematostatic modelling and characteristic analysis are then carried out for the proposed large-range 3-PPPRR XYZ CPM with overlapping SCs. The results from finite element analysis (FEA) are compared to the characteristics found for the developed analytical models, as are experimental testing results (primary motion) from the prototyped 3-PPPRR XYZ CPM with overlapping SCs. Finally, issues on large-range motion and dynamics of such designs are discussed, as are possible improvements of the actuated compliant P joint. It is shown that the potential merits of the designs presented here include a) minimised parasitic rotations by only using three identical compliant legs; b) compact configurations and small size due to the use of embedded designs; c) approximately kinematostatically decoupled designs capable of easy controls; and d) monolithic fabrication for each leg using existing planar manufacturing technologies such as electric discharge machining (EDM).
Translational parallel manipulators , Compliant mechanisms , Parasitic rotations , Overlapping stiffness centers , Distributed compliance , 3-legged configuration
Guangbo Hao and Haiyang Li. 2014. Design of 3-legged XYZ compliant parallel manipulators with minimised parasitic rotations . Robotica, available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S0263574714000575.
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