'Girls just like to be friends with people: gendered experiences of migration among children and young people in returning Irish families

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Ní Laoire, Caitríona
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The gendered nature of children and young people's experiences of migration are explored in this paper, drawing on research with children in Irish return migrant families. The paper focuses on the ways in which gender dynamics both reinforce and complicate the children's complex social positionings in Irish society. It explores the gendered nature of the children's and young people's everyday lives, relationships with peers and negotiations of identity, through a specific focus on the role of sport, friendship and local gender norms in their lives. I suggest that gender articulates with other axes of sameness/difference in complex ways, shaping the opportunities for social participation and cultural belonging in different ways for migrant boys and girls.
Children , Migration , Gender , Return migration , Friendship
NÍ LAOIRE, C. 2011. ‘Girls just like to be friends with people’: gendered experiences of migration among children and youth in returning Irish migrant families. Children's Geographies, 9, 303-318. doi: 10.1080/14733285.2011.590713
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