State of the art in energy communities and sharing economy concepts in the electricity sector

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Cuenca, Juan Jose
Jamil, Emad
Hayes, Barry P.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Due to high penetration of Distributed Renewable Energy Resources and their inflexible dispatch nature, modern and future electrical grids are facing technical challenges. New participants can offer the flexibility required by the grid through investments in energy storage and demand response capabilities. This article provides a comprehensive review on the concept of Energy Communities, their technical and economic motivations, available resources in the literature, trading schemes, price negotiation algorithms, and benefits for the grid. Furthermore, this review describes the policy framework in the European Union to make Energy Communities a reality. Moreover, a brief survey of related projects over the world is presented, along with a discussion around benefits, obstacles, and future research opportunities in this area.
Biological system modeling , Business , Communities , Economics , Electrical engineering , Electricity supply industry deregulation , Energy management , Energy management , Energy resources , Energy storage , Market research , Peer-to-peer computing , Power system economics , Renewable energy sources , Sharing economy
Cuenca, J. J., Jamil, E. and Hayes, B. P. (2021) 'State of the art in energy communities and sharing economy concepts in the electricity sector', IEEE Transactions On Industrial Applications, 57(6), pp. 5737-5746. doi: 10.1109/TIA.2021.3114135
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