Sexual violence, counterinsurgents, and the legacies of Jean Lartéguy's The Centurions'

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Fitzgerald, David
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Cambridge University Press
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Jean Lartéguy's 1960 novel The Centurions, which follows a group of French paratroopers through the wars in Indochina and Algeria, is one that has achieved cult status within the US military. In embracing this novel as a valuable how-to guide for counterinsurgents, those who promote The Centurions ignore the sexual violence and misogyny at the heart of the work, reflecting deeper silences over the issue of sexual violence in war. This article explores both the depictions of sexual violence in The Centurions and the silences that surround those depictions.
Jean Lartéguy , The Centurions , Counterinsurgency , Afghanistan , Military , Algeria , US military
Fitzgerald, D. (2020) 'Sexual Violence, Counterinsurgents, and the Legacies of Jean Lartéguy's The Centurions', Journal of American Studies, pp. 1-28. doi: 10.1017/S0021875819001774
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