Technology and market perspective for indoor photovoltaic cells

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Mathews, Ian
Kantareddy, Sai Nithin
Buonassisi, Tonio
Peters, Ian Marius
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Indoor photovoltaic cells have the potential to power the Internet of Things ecosystem, including distributed and remote sensors, actuators, and communications devices. As the power required to operate these devices continues to decrease, the type and number of nodes that can now be persistently powered by indoor photovoltaic cells are rapidly growing. This will drive significant growth in the demand for indoor photovoltaics, creating a large alternative market for existing and novel photovoltaic technologies. With the re-emergence of interest in indoor photovoltaic cells, we provide an overview of this burgeoning field focusing on the technical challenges that remain to create energy autonomous sensors at viable price points and to overcome the commercial challenges for individual photovoltaic technologies to accelerate their market adoption.
Indoor photovoltaics , IoT , Energy harvesting , Photovoltaic cells , Perovskite , GaAs , Organic photovoltaics
Mathews, I., Kantareddy, S. N., Buonassisi, T. and Peters, I. M. (2019) 'Technology and market perspective for indoor photovoltaic cells', Joule, 3(6), pp. 1415-1426. doi: 10.1016/j.joule.2019.03.026
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