"Informed Love": human and non-human bodies in Tim Robinson's ethical aesthetic

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O'Connor, Maureen
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Asociación Española de Estudios Irlandeses (AEDEI)
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Tim Robinson’s rich and variegated cultural productions have generated serious critical consideration in the twenty-first century, mostly addressing his use of folkways and mythology, the cartographic and artistic elements of his publications, as well his attention to language. Most recently, ecocritics have written about space and place in his texts, and the function of geography, landscape, and even geology in positioning Robinson within Ecocritical praxis. There has been very little attention paid, however, to the presence of animals in his work. The current practice of ecofeminism advocates and promotes a horizontal, dispersed, multiple conception of subjectivity, a critique that engages the ramifying consequences of the Western “subject” as it has apotheosized in Enlightenment discourse, including issues of embodiment. Animals, however understood, are instrumental to the project. This essay will discuss the many parallels and connections between Robinson and ecofeminist writers, allowing for a critical re-assessment of the previously misrepresented gender politics of Robinson’s work.
Animal studies , Ecofeminism , Feminism , Irish landscape , Irish writing , New materialism , Tim Robinson
O'Connor, M. (2018) '"Informed Love": Human and Non-Human Bodies in Tim Robinson's Ethical Aesthetic', Estudios Irlandeses, 13(2), pp. 19-29.