Sound art~Theatre~Installation

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Eadie, Jimmy
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University College Cork
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The works presented within this thesis were created over eight years from 2011 to 2018. They vary considerably in presentation, style and form. There are six sound art and installation pieces, and four theatre-installation projects which are interpretations of radio works by Samuel Beckett. These Beckett works were created in collaboration with the Irish theatre company PanPan. Within all my creative work I explore the relationship between artist, participant and artwork. I consider how my work is situated within a liminal space concerning music, sound, theatre and the plastic arts. This thesis documents and discusses my work from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Throughout the thesis, I explore definitions, terminology and theories related to artworks pertaining to the use of sound. The final chapters are comprised of commentaries on the ten presented works within the portfolio. These specific pieces were chosen as they represent a cross-section of my practice over this period and reflect my use of sound as a medium within the arts.
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Sound , Art , Theatre , Installation
Eadie, J. 2020. Sound art~Theatre~Installation. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.